• Automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine
      • Automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine

      Automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine

      This machine is suitable for applying labels on cylindrical objects, such as xylitol, round cosmetics bottles, beer and liquor bottles, etc. Can apply labels by full circle or half circle, and front and back side of the whole circle.

      • 01

        Can switch between single and double labels, the distance of front and back label is adjustable, the labeling has positioning function.

      • 02

        Taper is adjustable, a simple adjustment can meet the taper bottle labeling.

      • 03

        With product positioning and label correction function.

      • 04

        Can realize labeling of different products and labels, easy to switch.

      • 05

        Meet the GMP production requirements, the main material using stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy.

      • 06

        Using PLC + fiber optic sensor electronic control system control, machine can work for a long time.

      • 07

        With functions of labeling counting, power saving, photoelectric tracking and production management, etc.

      Model HNTB-Y400


      Label size
      Outer roll dia.(mm):φ250
      Inner roll dia.(mm):φ76mm
      Product size Dia. : φ15mm~φ160 mm Height:25-230mm
      Labeling speed 30~80pcs/min(step motor)
      40-120pcs/min(servo motor)
      Labeling accuracy


      Power 220V 50HZ 530W(step motor) 980W(servo motor)
      Dimension 1950mm×1100mm×1300mm
      Weight 185kg

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