• Automatic disinfectant filling machine
      • Automatic disinfectant filling machine

      Automatic disinfectant filling machine

      This series of filling machine is a high-tech filling machine developed by our company which is a fully anti-corrosion (PLC) program control, photoelectric sensor and pneumatic execution. This machine is specially designed for filling highly corrosive liquids and cosmetics that cannot contact metal liquids. The parts of the equipment that are in contact with the liquid are made of non-metallic anti-corrosion materials. And designed to have the function of dive filling. Accurate measurement, no bubbles or salivation during filling.

      • 01

        The material contacting part of the whole machine can be specially configured according to the product characteristics, so it is suitable for the filling of most strongly corrosive products.

      • 02

        If using PVC hopper, it becomes an ideal cold-boiling precision filling machine.

      • 03

        If it is equipped with anti-drip lifting filling system, it becomes an ideal filling model for high foaming water products.

      • 04

        It has the characteristics of timed filling, no filling without bottles, and counting of filling quantity.

      • 05

        Convenient maintenance without any special tools.

      • 06

        Using anti-corrosion pneumatic diaphragm pump, automatic feeding.

      Capacity 40-100 bottles/min
      Filling accuracy ±1%
      Voltage AC 380V 50 Hz/60Hz(customized)
      Air consumption 0.65 m3 /min
      Air pressure


      Dimension 2000 x 810 x 2200 mm

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